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SCS Mini-Residencies: Stevns, DENMARK

25-28.04 / SCS 10
08-11.05 / SCS 11
12-15.05 / SCS 12
08-11.06 / SCS 13
18-21.06 / SCS 14

(No Deadline, early application advised!)
More info here

SCS Mini-Residencies
…at the worlds first permanent center for cello: Scandinavian Cello School.

IMG_8279 A place for relaxation, motivation and preparation in the middle of a beautiful nature area, just a short distance from the UNESCO heritage site of Stevns Klint.

Enjoy practicing the cello and getting re-focused in a cello collective located on an old farm from year 1800, with SCS Director Jacob Shaw over 3 nights located just 500m from the sea.


  • Full board (including meals with mainly organic local produce)
  • 2 individual cello lessons of minimum one hours length will be given
  • 1 hour career seminar tailored to individual needs
  • No tuition-fee

    Contribution for the 3 nights full board and lodging = 135 euro

    (If you are not resident in Scandinavia the amount is 120 euro)IMG_8281
    Each residency has a maximum number of 4 participants, staying in 2 shared rooms.More info here
  • There is no deadline for these mini-residencies: All applications will be assessed immediately. Early application is strongly advised! Apply here.