Scandinavian Cello School

11 Oct 2020

A new house and expansion plans for SCS!

We have just purchased a new house and land adjacent to SCS, expanding our center by 2/3!

2016-2021, next year will mark 5 years of Scandinavian Cello School. Since the start we’ve evolved steadily, helping hundreds of young musicians, branching out with SCS consultancy, launching SCS bespoke getaways – and in 2018 establishing the worlds first ever permanent cello center and retreat which welcomes more than 100 guests each year.

Our base – very close to the UNESCO heritage site of Stevns Klint – one hour from Copenhagen on the Danish coastline, has historical significance as a listed and classic example of a Danish thatched roof farmhouse (complete with outbuildings around a cobblestone courtyard).
Built by a royal monastery in 1800, our visitors will know that we only have one “direct” neighbouring house, a thatched farmhouse built in an identical style a hundred years later (1900) to expand the property. Years past and the farmland was sold off, along with this second farmhouse (located at the bottom of our garden) splitting the property in two.
We have truly turned a corner after 5 years with SCS and are thrilled to announce that we have managed to purchase this beautiful additional house and grounds – to be taken over on January 1st 2021. It will bring a part of history back, and we are so happy that the original farm will have a chance to breath again as first intended.
That will have immediate developments for SCS: including 365 day rental possibilities / the ability to host 12 musicians at a time / many guest professors who can come with their whole class / a separate studio apartment for faculty or long term SCS residencies / an acre of land to have more vegetable patches + fruit orchard / chickens / 2 outdoor pigs (!) / so much more….