Scandinavian Cello School
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2 billion people around the world have heard the story of a specialist classical music center in Stevns, Denmark

On the coastline 60km south of Copenhagen, an international school for young elite classical music talents has made their home. Becoming one of the most viral stories to hit the classical music world in recent years, media coverage such as The New York Times has brought the story of Scandinavian Cello School to over 2 billion people worldwide. An explosion in interest is due to the unique ethos at the school – achieve a healthy work-life balance, side by side with world class music training. Outreach concerts, outdoor experiences and collective living are all part of their philosophy to create more balanced and ultimately better musicians.

Scandinavian Cello School (SCS)

Scandinavian Cello School (SCS) is located next to Lund, a historic fishing village which features one of Denmark’s oldest harbours. Hosting stunning views from the SCS campus over to the island of Møn, founder and international award-winning cellist Jacob Shaw works closely alongside a board of industry leaders in classical music to help promote, support and educate young musical talents.

The school has succeeded in bringing classical music to new audiences and in untraditional surroundings. It challenges and strengthens both international and Danish talents that are brought together. A solid foundation for their future is planted whilst on Danish soil through world class teaching, essential networking and a healthy life balance. SCS strengthens the quality of an already strong music scene in Denmark, whilst contributing to the spread of a quintessentially Danish approach to working: High quality training and focus going hand in hand with socializing, good home-grown food and strong respect for individual personalities.

Figures from Hypefactors show that the story of SCS, which attracts young musicians and supports them each with non traditional methods, has received 2.1 billion unique views in 5 continents – well helped along the way by an event where the cellists played for a herd of Hereford cows in Stevns. On April 25, The New York Times visited, and were so taken by the story that they placed Scandinavian Cello School on their front page. Since then, the article has spread to numerous outlets including CNN, The Guardian, The Sun, Classic FM, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Euronews, The Late Show, NPR, The Telegraph, El Dia, CBC, France Musique, CPR, The Straits Times, Klara Radio, RTL-HR, TV2, Politiken …

SCS has made a pledge to Danish music life for the future – targeted to the 3 walks of formal Danish music education (music school – MGK – academies) and in 2022 started a specialist program to inspire, educate and motivate a new and upcoming generation of Danish based musicians and audiences.

For 2023-25 SCS is supported generously by the Danish Arts Council, Augustinus Foudation, William Demant Foundation, Landistriktspujle, LAG (Eu Funding), Stevns Kommune and more.