Scandinavian Cello School

16 Sep 2021

Childrens Concerts!

At SCS we support some of the worlds best young musicians and we believe that the people in all walks of life at Stevns deserve to experience this quality of live music making. See the video of our latest community project here!
There is a famous quote – everyone loves classical music, they just haven’t discovered it yet – and it was obvious to everyone today this saying is completely true. To safeguard culture in Stevns and Denmark for many years to come we need loads of initiatives like the one today from SCS.

We want to collaborate and share in the local community – this is needed to build foundations for the next generation. This will make for a solid future of enthusiastic, interested and culturally supportive Stevns people.
It is essential to start at the youngest age possible by exposing children in Stevns to the highest quality of cultural activities, integrated in their education and growing up.
Press release here.