Scandinavian Cello School

18 Mar 2020

COVID 19 / Coronavirus

Due to the lockdown in Denmark – Scandinavian Cello School has temporarily ceased all activities at the cello center in Stevns until April.

We continue to conduct our activities online: Please get in touch:
1) cellists aged 16-25: if you are working towards a specific project and would like to have a lesson
2) any instruments 16-25: if you would like to have any type of career boost session (advice/brainstorming/project management/set up of festivals/other topics)
3) entrepreneurship any age: if you work in the arts or are wanting to go in as a non-performer we offer a range of options to take you through and help you with your personal projects

As always: this is FREE of charge (no tuition costs to pay).

If you would like to support SCS:
1) through PayPal
2) by email
3) for Danish/MobilePay 42765540
4) If you want to offer any support in other means, we ask you to get in touch with us directly through email

Let’s not let 4 years of supporting cellists and this unique project get crushed in a flash. We will keep going on our mission at Scandinavian Cello School as long as we can, to educate, support and promote young cellists. ❤️