Scandinavian Cello School

16 Jul 2021

Pledge for the future

A proposed development plan targeted to the 3 walks of formal Danish music education (music school – MGK – academies) is a pledge from SCS to Danish music life for the future. Denmark can continue to be a strong contender on the international music scene for years to come with a steady stream of not only Danish trained musicians – but the added essential for a thriving music scene – music lovers to fill the many music associations, concert halls and festivals Denmark has on offer.

The 3 levels of “formal” Danish music education will take a strong role in the future: The board at SCS have enabled an action plan from 2022 onwards to involve more music school and MGK students on a “grass roots” level in activities at SCS, whilst continuing the collaboration with many students of the Danish academies of music (Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus).

The idea of being directly involved with high level music making from a young age will show the new generation the dedication it takes to get to an international level – a little like the junior football clubs training side by side the first division players. Learning by doing – immersive workshops together with SCS Young Artists and older musicians, with the aim to inspire and energise them.

In 2022, 4 open days are planned for music school pupils, where they are encouraged to come with their parents and teachers to visit Stevns, hear performances from SCS Young Artists, take part in workshops directly set up to instill enthusiasm and musical energy and essentially have an uplifting and motivating experience to take back to their own practice. From a teachers point of view, it will provide a networking day in cosy surroundings where there is the chance to mix with colleagues, meet new people, and discuss teaching methods / future plans. From the parents side, it is a chance to share in their child’s enthusiasm for music education with a fun activity day, discuss with other parents and teachers how best to approach topics such as practicing from home (and how much a parents “could” be involved), and of course to meet other families from different areas with the same interest.

In 2022, six such workshops are planned for MGK students, with both an open call for applications and directly contacting the leaders of the institutions for their recommendations of participants. Each workshop will involve 3 residential days workshop in Stevns for a maximum of 6 participants.

They will receive specialist coaching from SCS board members, watch concerts, and play chamber music side by side SCS Young Artists and musicians in residence. Aimed at those MGK students who are considering preparations for conservatories in Denmark and abroad, a special emphasis is also placed on mental health, work-life balance, and how to perform under pressure at the highest level. Additional classes will also be held on entrepreneurship within classical music and different options in the music industry beyond performance based jobs: Tailored of course to the age range of the participants.

It is essential for SCS to support young Danish based musicians and traditionally SCS has had a close relationship with students at the music academies in Copenhagen, Odense and Aarhus. In 2022 several teachers from those institutions will visit with their classes and SCS will continue to prioritize PR and direct marketing to students at those institutions to make them aware of the possibilities available to them with visits to Stevns.