Scandinavian Cello School

09 Nov 2023

Stevns Elsker Klassisk Musik Project Results

Scandinavian Cello School is honored to present the results of our Stevns Elsker Klassisk Musik Project, run from March 1 2021 until August 22 2023.

Link to the program is found here.

With generous support from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe Investing in Rural Areas, we ran 20 public events set up in 9 locations, with the aim to bring together Stevns residents and guests for cultural activities. 2.267 people attended concerts, workshops and open days. We had videos documenting almost every single event – plus longer videos focusing on promotion and collaborations in the Stevns region. You can view these videos below!

Our digital reach averaged 5.4k per video and the social media pages collected 22k followers. Total video plays over all channels, including our Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, totalled 89.560.

Audience members and public came from mainly from the local region (south coast Denmark) with a big focus on Stevns, but also from Copenhagen. During the summer time, there were both national and international tourists attending. Students came from Denmark but also internationally – France, Germany, Poland, Hungary, USA, Tajikistan, Italy, Croatia, etc. They had success after stays and performances through Scandinavian Cello School in competitions in Europe, Middle East and the USA.

There were musicians from Ukraine that had long stays due to the invasion from Russia: This was featured on national and international press, including Berlingske, BBC, DR, TV2, etc.

Expected 6 social support concerts – reality 11 social support concerts (+183.33%)
Expected 3 landsby concerts – reality 6 landsby concerts (+200%)
Expected 1.000 audience through performances – reality 2.267 audience attended (+220%)
Expected 2 open house days – reality 3 open house days (+150%)
Expected 150 student days – reality 320 student days* (+213%)
Expected 50.000 video plays – reality 89.560 video plays (+178%)
* the student days were much higher than expected due to the visits from Ukrainian musicians