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23 Mar 2022

Director of Culture at Stevns Klint Visitor Center – UNESCO world heritage

Jacob Shaw is appointed as Director of Culture at Stevns Klint Visitor Center – UNESCO world heritage.

Cultural activities at Stevns Klint Visitor Center will make a world class difference, which is to be ensured by Jacob Shaw as Director of Culture. He has some spectacular plans that will attract people from near and far. From 1st April Jacob Shaw will contribute to the realization of the promise of the visitor center: A change for life! 

Scandinavian Cello School has entered a partnership with Stevns Klint Visitor Center. Jacob Shaw’s enthusiasm for Stevns and the role as Director of Culture cannot be underestimated: 

Living at Stevns has changed my life – and even more with this appointment. Experiences that change people’s knowledge and life is precisely the goal of our work: Cultural experiences that invite people in, fascinate and translate the central communication at Stevns Klint Visitor Center.  I can’t wait to get started, working alongside the team of World Heritage Stevns’ talented employees, and together ensuring our visitors a completely unique experience.  

Jacob Shaw has been behind arranging numerous festivals and events with great success, for which he has received much recognition. Earlier this year he won the national ‘firesoul personality’ award from Danish Radio P2 and has been placed among the 100 greatest talents in the business community by Danish newspaper Berlingske. All these experiences will play a role in the Stevns Klint Visitor Center. Director of Stevns Klint Visitor Center, Steen Bonke Sørensen, is looking forward to the collaboration: 

 We are aiming at the highest possible standard, which is what Jacob Shaw represents. That applies to the unique architecture of the building, the use of the surroundings, exhibition and cultural plans. We have big international ambitions. Our strategy is primarily to develop our experience, culture- and sports program, that will generate increasing activity in and interest to Stevns Klint.  

 Stevns Klint Visitor Center is a cultural landmark for science-based communication about the Depth of Time, the Development of Life, Cliff & Nature. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is driven by the vision that the common culture and natural heritage is accessible for all. Precisely those ambitions motivate Jacob Shaw:  

 It’s a dream that comes true to contribute to the development of the whole of the region. I want to make a significant difference for Stevns Klint Visitor Center by curating a world class cultural program, which is both relevant for locals but also bringing numerous guests from afar. I am so proud to live here, and I am over the moon to be able to have the chance to give back and curate a completely extraordinary program that both can convey the unique story of Stevns Klint and inspire all those who will attend our events.  

Jacob Shaw has great experience in generating positive publicity. Over a billion people have read about the Scandinavian Cello School, including a front page of New York Times, where he sheds light upon the crucial work-life balance between intensive training, socializing and outdoor experiences. His video with concerts for cows also caused a great deal of publicity. Now Jacob will combine this with science communication and UNESCO World Heritage.  

66 million years ago Earth collided with an asteroid with immense power. Stevns Klint is the best place in the world to see the traces from the catastrophe and is therefore an ideal spot to address current challenges: Climate is changing, biodiversity is threatened, and sustainability is crucial.  

 Throughout the year there will be several cultural activities that will support creating awareness about these issues. Stevns Klint Visitor Center establishes unique facilities for events, exhibitions, and concerts. Jacob Shaw’s cultural focus will play a central role in the development and success of the Visitor Center.   

 Stevns Klint Visitor Center opens in week 41, 2022. 

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