Scandinavian Cello School


16 Jul 2021

Pledge for the future

A proposed development plan targeted to the 3 walks of formal Danish music education (music school – MGK – academies) is a pledge from SCS to Danish music life for the future. Denmark can continue to be a strong contender on the international music scene for years to come with a steady stream of not only Danish trained musicians – but the added essential for a thriving music scene – music lovers to fill the many music associations, concert halls and festivals Denmark has on offer.

12 Apr 2021

Åben gård og cello musik

Kom til åben gård hos Haugaard Hereford sammen med køerne og 8 internationalt prisvindende cellister fra SCS, og tag del i en helt unik oplevelse – og naturligvis med gældende corona-regler overholdt!

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19 Feb 2021

Rent SCS for Holidays!

We are proud to be part of Airbnb’s scheme to give free stays to frontline covid workers, in addition to volunteering as an “open home” – donating our rooms for short stays to refugees and asylum seekers.

Are you a non-musician and would like to take advantage of our beautiful campus? You can now rent our place for up to 10 guests. See more on Airbnb, or get in touch with us via email on

17 Feb 2021

Haugaard Hereford

Japan has Kobe beef. Denmark has Haugaard Hereford.

The Haugaard family have worked as farmers in the historic village of Lund in Stevns for 6 generations. In 1985 they started to raise Hereford cows in the fresh air, looking over the waters edge near to the historic UNESCO heritage site of Stevns Klint. Haugaard Hereford has now joined forces with Scandinavian Cello School in a first of its kind experiment to raise free range Hereford cows to the sound of classical music.

To sign up for news on the project or pre order beef from Haugaard Hereford click here

07 Jan 2021

Welcome to SCS in 2021 !

At Scandinavian Cello School we are aware that many musicians and artists are desperate for a change of scene from their isolation in their own studios and homes. Therefore in 2021, Scandinavian Cello School will open their doors for any musicians or artists, who want a bespoke getaway from the city. For the first time ever, we also welcome university students who want to benefit from a stay in the countryside to work on their own projects (such as thesis writing, research projects, etc.). Read more here and apply online!

29 Nov 2020

SCS Christmas donation gifts!


2020 has been tough for many of us, so for Christmas 2020 we want to offer something very special to bring this year to a lovely end! We want you to have as great an experience with food and drinks in your own homes as our students and guests receive when they visit the world’s first ever permanent cello center and retreat! Therefore now when you are based in Denmark and m​ake a donation​ to Scandinavian Cello School ​we will match it with a wonderful gift​ to the same value of your donation. Choose from splendid French wines, 1ere Cru Champagne, Foie Gras, home smoked salmons, and so much more…. Read more at Donation gifts